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Our books are currently open

We are particularly seeking applications from professionally trained actors, or those with professional experience, in the following areas:

- Black Actors (all ages)

- Actors of Asian heritage (any gender)

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The Perks

Joining us offers you the opportunity to have much more say in your career, the work that you are put up for, all negotiations and fees.  You will be able to contribute to decisions about the co-op itself.  

We are a not for profit organisation, meaning that the career development of our members is at the forefront of everything we do.  We aim to find our members the work that is most rewarding creatively, before financial gain.  We do not charge VAT on commission, which helps us keep our rates as low as possible.


We each benefit from the support and experience of over 35 members.

You will also learn how to represent other members.  We believe that what is good for one is good for all, and benefit from each other's success.

Joining IML

Our office is a friendly, supportive, ‘family’ environment.  It’s a diligent and hard-working one too.  Our members are pro-active actors who thrive in an ensemble.   


Members work in the office one day a week during provisional training and attend monthly meetings (currently on a Monday at 6pm).  When provisional membership comes to an end (usually after a 6 month review) office commitment reduces to 8 days per 13 week 'quarter'.  If the member is in paid acting work, they are not permitted to come into the office.  We also make every effort to attend each other's performances.

If invited to an interview, you will be sent some further information about membership of the agency.

Your Application

We try not to represent actors who are too similar to one another.  We appreciate that this can be subjective, so please explore our site to see if you feel there is a direct clash between you and an existing member. 

To apply, email us at with:

  • A cover letter outlining your interest in IML

  • Your current CV and/or Spotlight PIN

  • Details of any current or upcoming acting work

  • Any promotional material you may have (e.g. links to work or showreel)


We would love to see you perform live, but may consider applications based on showreel if we feel it represents you well.  We require members to be listed on Spotlight (, but if you're new or returning to the industry and aren't yet listed, feel free to drop us a line.


Please note, we do not represent background artists, children or (disappointingly) animals.

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