About Us

Founded in 1980, Independent Management Ltd is one of the oldest and most successful co-operative agencies representing professional actors. 

What's a co-op?

Co-operative agencies are not-for profit organisations run by their members, that channel all profits back into the agency.  Taking guidance from Equity and the CPMA (Co-operative Personal Management Association www.cpma.coop/), we ensure that all negotiations are in the best interests of our members, while maintaining excellent relations with employers.

Consultant Agent

IML usually employs a full-time Consultant Agent, thanks to whom we provide continuity for casting directors, directors and producers, ensuring effective communication with all industry professionals.  In this, we like to think of ourselves as a 'hybrid' agency, taking from the best of both co-operative and sole agents alike.

For the past 2 years, Laura Caso was our Consultant Agent, but when Laura returned to Theatre Management in May '21, we decided to take advantage of the break in our outgoings to recoup from a Covid-19 affected income and prepare to welcome a new Consultant Agent later in the year.

Privacy Policy

Like most agencies, it is necessary for us to keep some personal information on file.  For more information on our privacy policy, see you Privacy Notice page.