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020 7587 1080         info@iml.org.uk

Joining IML

Our office is a friendly, informal, supportive, ‘family’ environment.  It’s a diligent and hard-working one too.  We attract talented actors who are pro-active and committed members, and who thrive in an ensemble.   

Members work in the office one day each week and attend agency meetings once every three weeks.  We also make every effort to attend each other's performances.

Joining us will give you much more say in your own career.  You will know everything about the work that you are put up for, all negotiations and fees.  You will be able to contribute to decisions about the co-op itself.  You will also have the rare opportunity to call on the support and experience of over 35 members.  It’s fair to say that we, and particularly our Agent, will get to know you and your strengths far better than any personal manager.

Working alongside our Agent and other co-op members you will also, of course, be representing other members.  We believe that what is good for one is good for all.  We all benefit from each other's success.

Your Application

We welcome applications from professionally trained actors, or those with professional experience.  We do not represent extras, background artists, cabaret performers, children or animals.  We do not represent actors who we feel are too similar to each other.  Please explore our site to ensure that there is no serious casting clash between you and an existing member.

If you would like to apply for membership with IML please send us the following by email:

  • A covering letter outlining why you think you would suit IML
  • An up-to-date headshot
  • Your current CV and Spotlight PIN number
  • Details of any current or upcoming acting work, so that we can come to see you perform live
  • Any promotional material you may have (e.g. showreel or voice demo)


When we receive your application it will be placed before the membership for consideration.  If we think that you may be suitable for our agency we will arrange to see you perform and offer you an interview.  We do not audition prospective new members and we cannot make any offer of membership until we have seen your work, whether it be on stage or screen.  We require all members of IML to be listed on Spotlight, as such all applicants should be members of Spotlight or be in the process of joining.

The Money Bit

Upon joining each new member is required to pay a deposit of £100, which is refundable upon leaving the agency. 

We do not charge VAT on commission, this helps us keep our rates as low as possible.

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